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UNICORN POWER!!!! I am being a unicorn for halloween. It is the best costume evah!!!
  Animals that Garrett, Will, Callie, Cassandra, and I are obsessed with!

1. Badgers.
2. Koalas.
3. Unicorns.
4. Gay Robot.

Peace in the not quite Middle East.

I got holes in my hands!


paper planes are hard to make. 


You make me want to poo
Oh yes I do
You know you want to
Doody doody do

I'm Old Greg.

One day a gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp. He wished for 3 things, a fur coat, a flying car, and... a planet full of.... UNICORNS!!

A gay boy wished for a planet full of unicorns, Planet Unicorn. Unicorn Planet. Give it up for Feathers, Ohhhhh Cadillac. And Tom Cruise. OHHHHH. Planet Unicorn Heyyy. 

Mr. Crocodile!

This is the shirt I got for my Gandson
I think it is pretty sexy! 


The Water is High!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Arnold-Archibald!
Happy Birthday to you!!

Today is the anniversary of the ex-ex-ex-ex husband, he was only 35 years older than me. But not really.


I Love Sweaters, almost as much as i love microwave meals! 
   i just heart babies!


Starwars and Project Runway!

What Happened to Andraé?

Concrete and Clay.

Austin Scarlett!
  he is sooo sexsay (i like that spelling dont you, i think it give's it a little something extra!)